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We probably don't know each other that well yet, my name is Richard.

I'm glad you've arrived at the BOGENPARADIES!

I would like to take this opportunity to get you excited about the world of archery.

Archery is one of the few sports that can be practised from an early age up to a ripe old age. Our youngest archer started shooting his first arrows at the age of two and a half at the BOGENPARADIES and the oldest I have been able to train so far is over 90 years old. In total, I have already been able to introduce more than 24,000 newcomers to archery. Most of them are enthusiastic about this sport.

When arrows fly, time flies

This is mainly due to the fact that you are fully concentrated and only concern yourself with yourself and your sports equipment. Archery is an excellent way to reduce stress and increase your ability to concentrate. Furthermore, it is a gentle and mindful sport that is very suitable even for delicate and impaired people. Did you know that the Paralympics were originally an archery-only event?

On this portal you will find articles that deal with the exciting sport of archery in a variety of ways and at the BOGENPARADIES you can experience everything about this beautiful sport for yourself. We operate a sports facility with 3 separate and weather-protected shooting ranges. We currently have 72 targets at different distances and are in the process of upgrading. We have a shop where you can buy or rent all kinds of bows and accessories. We give daily courses and train about 3000 new archers per year. So if you are not an archer yet, this is the right place for you. If you are already an archer, then you are also in the right place!


This portal is designed to be used interactively by many enthusiasts. Contributions on different topics are to be created, rated and commented on. To encourage active participation and to network the athletes, we are developing a points system through which every active participation will be rewarded.

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